Service Monitoring and Observability

Critical production systems operate under strict SLA agreements and need constant monitoring and proactive response to incidents and outages. We build a complete foundation for reliable and in-depth observability of your platform and services. By implementing Google SRE guidelines we help you define Service Level Objectives and Indicators as well as correspond them to Key Performance Indicators 


Implementing platform & infrastructure monitoring

Our library includes hundreds of ready to implement, verified templates for monitoring services and applications. We integrate your product with cloud based solutions like Datadog or deploy and manage self-managed observability based on Prometheus or Zabbix


We provide full observability and monitoring stack with ready to use templates and metric gathering

Once implemented we ensure alerts and triggers are properly adjusted to minimize false alerts and set up automatic escalation to first, second and third line support lines.


Defining SLO’s, SLI’s and Error Budgets

Without key service level indicators (SLI) and defined service level objectives (SLO) it’s impossible to track how good or bad our services are performing for your customers. We therefore help by analyzing your application in search of those key metrics and build availability dashboards and reports, constantly keeping eye on error budgets and service level agreements for your clients.

Cost Monitoring & Reporting

All goes well until a sudden spike in your cloud bill occurs. We help you ensure your costs are under control and react proactively to any sudden events or unexpected traffic surges, preventing unnecessary cloud spend

Control, analyze and limit your budget

We offer help with analyzing your current spend and implementing short and log term savings. We use asset inventory and scanning tools that look for rightsizing or service optimizing options. Furthermore, we proactively monitor and respond to any changes in your spend to prevent sudden spikes in costs

Optimize infrastructure layout to decrease costs

Our experience in managing public cloud and kubernetes infrastructure allows us to efficiently plan capacity and rightsize your infrastructure, so no money is wasted. Through design, implementation and refactoring we can help you optimize your current spend and migrate to more efficient and less costly solutions.

Centralized Logging & Analytics

Properly gathered logs can significantly minimize Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) and proactively resolve potential issues. We help you coorelate them with your telemetric data

Each solution provides its own benefits and advantages. After defining your business objectives and needs we help you implement and deploy log aggregation & analysis solutions which – together with monitoring stack – will increase your platform observability and greatly simplify troubleshooting, analysis and reporting.

Incident Response

We help you build and setup escalation trees and automatic on call rotations in order to ensure proper incident response in case any of the alerts indicate an issue. We work with industry leaders in that category to provide different escalation media like Call & SMS, Slack & MS Teams or email notifications

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