Infrastructure as Code

In many teams and projects we observe the same basic infrastructure needs: computing cluster, load balancer, database, cache, CI/CD, monitoring, secrets management, and so on. Therefore, why waste time building it all from scratch and constantly reinvent the wheel? Our team sets up full infrastructure automation by providing access to an extensive library of reusable and battle-tested modules, playbooks and formulas for Terraform, Saltstack or Ansible used actively in production and maintained by our SRE and DevOps experts

GitOps – Full control and visibility

We follow established and tested patterns adopted strictly from development teams to leverage what’s best when it comes to collaborative code development. All our configuration is stored in code repositories,  tested and reviewed by our experts and released to general use once verification is complete. Via declarative specifications we eventually provide basis for continuous everything.

We provide development services and support in defining cloud infrastructure as code for AWS, Azure and GCP as well as platform configuration for Windows and Linux and resource definitions for Kubernetes deployments


Code Library Features

Below is just a small subset of our standard values and requirements when it comes to infrastructure automation and defining code stack for your infrastructure and services

Orchestration & Configuration Management

Through automated configuration, orchestration and management of systems and software we ensure your infrastructure is under control and fully reliable. Configuration management allows us to strictly define and control the state of any given infrastructure component at any given time, eliminating differences between environments, deployment lanes and standardizing the end product to minimize cost and operational toil. 


Automation Toolbox

Power and control comes from choosing the right tooling for the right task. Below is a subset of our technological framework for automatio



Continuous Deployment

Continuous Integration & Delivery

Deploying early and often is a major direction and cultural shift that DevOps methodology implements. We help to optimize for integration and delivery by automating the business pipelines and implement industry standard tools for that purpose making it a continuous process. 

We provide design, implementation and maintainence services for CI/CD pipelines and underlying infrastructure as well as assist development teams with migrating existing flows from solution to another and standardize on pipeline-as-code approach

NoOps – operational excellence

Our aim for improving productivity and delivering results follows a strategy to automate “all the things”. This allows us to shift from operations to business results. With our complete automation stack you will benefit from reduced friction between developers and infrastructure making it seamless and transparent experience. 

Standardization and Process Refactoring

Not every challenge should be solved by an automation tool. Quite often it’s the smart design and efficient procedures that help minimize the cost and increase reliability.  We are well aware of common antipatterns when it comes to infrastructure deployments or releases that negatively impact your performance, scalability and cost. 


We help you standardize your R&D teams and infrastructure on common tools, approaches and patterns in following ways: 

Designing Technology Radar which help companies adopt, trial and assess technologies and solutions in controllable ways

Implementing Well Architected Index to ensure strategic and key objectives are fulfilled for each new service or deploy

Managing divergences through feature-toggles and modularity to allow code reuse

Preparing written and graphical documentation to minimize learning and implementation curve

Creating run books and technical procedures to ensure repeatability and minimize human errors

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