Cloud Management

We’re helping organizations – large and small – to transform and scale their business. From process improvements, data migrations and creating brand-new infrastructure, we’re building the foundation for organizations to scale for success.


Architect & Deploy

By following Well-Architected Index and production-grade SRE patterns we help you design and implement the most optimal infrastructure for your needs, either from cost, performance or reliability standpoints. We support both multicloud and cloud-agnostic approach and choose the best solutions for your needs


Platform Orchestration

One of the most powerful tools IT engineers have is automation. We implement orchestration and configuration management for your platform and ensure your infrastructure is standardized, documented and fully under control

Infrastructure as Code

All of our deployments are based on modular code written in industry standard frameworks like Terraform or Saltstack that implement IaC and GitOps approach

Configuration Management

Struggling with keeping your environments in sync and compatible? Through orchestration and configuration management we control infrastructure divergence and standardize promotion across deployment lanes

NoOps design

Through procedures and pipelines our environments become so automated they don’t require a full-time person to maintain. This saves costs but also increases reliability and stability


Monitoring and Observability

Trust and relations are key to success. Customers want to rely on your product and your systems need to operate properly to deliver what the market needs. We help you build the fundament of reliability which is gathering metrics, defining SLO’s and SLI’s for your applications and services. All that while using battle-tested, highly available solutions only

Hundreds ready to implement and verified templates for monitoring services and applications. Based on Prometheus, Datadog or Zabbix

Properly gathered logs can significantly minimize Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) and proactively resolve potential issues. We help you correlate them with your telemetric data

All goes well until a sudden spike in billing occurs. We help you ensure your costs are under control and react proactively to any sudden events or changes

Our managed infrastructure is under our 24/7 on-call rotation. We respond both actively and proactively to all incidents


Containers under control

Accelerate your migration to Kubernetes with our ready to use, modular and battle-tested Kubernetes stack

Platform as a Service

We focus on stability, availability and management of your platform, so you can focus on business value

Visibility & Control

Our stack embeds tracing and service meshing solutions for full traffic control and security

Service migrations

We can plan, arrange and execute your migration from your legacy infrastructure to Kubernetes

Advisory & Support

We proactively monitor your platform and help you get the most out of it

DevOps Professional Services

SRE & DevOps Staff Augmentation

Project or time based. Providing managed teams led by in-house managers and leaders to achieve the best communication and delivery

Cloud management

Deploy, manage and maintain public cloud infrastructure on AWS, GCP and Azure, including architecture, design and optimization. All services included

Kubernetes Management

Deploy and manage kubernetes cluster based on our modular stack. Based on managed service (EKS, AKS, GKE) or self-hosted (via Rancher)

Infrastructure Automation

Defining infrastructure as code, implementing CI/CD, orchestration and configuration management, automating/refactoring procedures

Observability & Monitoring

Implementing or extending existing monitoring, tracing and logging, including end-to-end automated testing and service monitoring

Consulting & Advisory

Architectural design, cost optimizations, capacity plannings, Cloud & Kubernetes migrations/transformations and technical trainings

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