Managed Kubernetes Services 

We provide a full range of services when it comes to managing kubernetes infrastructure. Our experience in managing complex and large-scale systems implemented with respect to DevOps methodology and SRE guidelines will allow your business to fully rely on your infrastructure.


Platform as a Service

You can offload your kubernetes management and all of its aspects to our team. We will design, deploy, manage and monitor it for you and prepare it to efficiently run your business applications. We pay close attention to your needs and consult all changes to make sure your infrastructure runs at lowest cost possible and is fully reliable and scalable to match your product requirements. 

We deploy and onboard new projects or take over existing and running infrastructures and continue on improving them. Once we gather business requirements and expectations we propose strategy and next steps from architectural, implementation or maintanance standpoints

Visibility and Control

We provide a complete, fully featured and modular stack for Kubernetes that allows you to get maximum benefits from its engine. With service meshing, network tracing and advanced ingress control you get full observability and control over your microservices
To achieve operational excellence we implement tools that help your development teams manage and deploy the applications themselves, hence eliminating the need for full-time employee.  We constantly follow technology radars and rely only on most trusted and industry proven technologies. 


Migration to Kubernetes

Containerization is a hot and challenging topic in the industry – once properly implemented and delivered it brings a lot of benefits like better scalability, reliability and automation. But the process of refactoring your apps and services is often difficult and time-consuming and building a reliable platform to run it is yet another challenging topic.

We offer help and support in both maintaining the platform and migrating your legacy virtual machine based infrastructure to containers. By performing analysis and designing migration strategy we ensure the process is smooth and transparent to your clients.

We can collaborate with your development teams and assist them during transitioning period in following ways

We can work in tandem with your development teams to accelerate the containerization process of your applications.

Helm is a leading standard when it comes to package management for Kubernetes. We help your developers write and design processes for deploying into Kubernetes

Each microservice needs a secure and automated way to get promoted across lanes. We ensure this process is under control and prepare automated pipelines to achieve it

Whether you decide to use a managed solution like EKS or GKE or use a self-managed kubernetes – we got your back. 

Once everything is ready and working on non-customer facing lanes we can design and cutover strategy while minimizing downtime and customer impact from the migration

We ensure downtime and customer impact is down minimum and thoroughly execute the plan, until each microservice is successfully migrated.

Once everything is finished you can still rely on our maintenance and support to ensure continuous reliability and avaiability of your services


Deploying via Automation

We utilize industry standard frameworks like Terraform or Helm to minimize time-to-market with our deployments and ensure your infrastructure operates fully automatically and is properly standardized. This allows full control of differences between your landscapes in your deployment pipelines and also provides auto-updating documentation of your environments

We provide development support in defining your Kubernetes clusters and its resources and improving your existing code stack on either EKS, AKS, GKE or self-hosted clusters

We have an extensive library of ready to use code and modules – you can rely on us when it comes to automating kubernetes components.


Manage & Operate

Whether we deploy infra for you from base level or take over your existing infrastructure – we continue to monitor, manage and operate it in all aspects. Implementing patches, modernizing existing components and refactoring legacy ones. Always keeping your kubernetes infrastructure up-to-date with industry standards and changing demands of outside world. 

We take long term responsiblity on maintaining your kubernetes clusters and ensuring it operates reliably and efficiently at all times

Consulting & Advisory

Whether already on kubernetes but need to take it to next level or still planning to migrate your services – we’re here to help.  We can advise and design migration and cut-over strategies from your local data centers and help you modernize your application to become more cloud-native and kubernetes-native

We can accelerate your migration including data transfer while keeping initial launch costs under budget by performing usage analysis and right-scaling the infrastructure. Furthermore, we can architect best approach, deploy and scale your infrastructure, and provide maintenance and management services later. 

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