Site Reliability Accelearated by DevOps Mindset

Relout is a Site Reliability and DevOps Agency based in Central Europe (Poland) specializing in SRE/DevOps skills and competences.  Our company was created by ambitious people with passion for technology. 

At Relout we’re helping startups, software houses and enterprises to transform and scale their platforms. From IT infrastructure management through advisory and staff augmentation – we’re building the foundation to reliably and efficiently scale for success.
Our team consists of Site Reliability Engineers, Cloud Architects and DevOps consultants with battle-tested production experience as well as leaders  that ensure quality of technical execution and communication.

Our Mission and Vision 

We believe that strength lies within a group, not individual. Therefore, we specialize in staff augmentation for dedicated teams.Our leaders ensure that team’s potential is fully utilized thus achieving maximum velocity with constant flow of communication which truly prevents Waterfall and enables Agile methodology.

Our mission is to improve IT infrastructure reliability by implementing SRE principles and DevOps practices into dedicated and passionate teams along with providing top-level managed services suited to our client’s needs.

We pay close attention to visibility of our work, providing you with full access to our code and pipelines, documenting all steps and allowing your engineers to participate in and contribute to the process. This truly implements the DevOps culture and mindset enabling our goal which is to deliver the best and most reliable product for your customers.

Trust and Partnership are our core values


We want our clients to percieve us as a real technology partner which they can trust and rely on in a long term cooperation. To make it happen we remain customer-focused, willing to adapt and continuously improve our skills, tools and methods. 

Gaining Experience via Continuous Improvement

Our Engineers constantly learn new tools, technologies and skills. As a proof we pass various certifications that are well recognizable on the market

Focusing on well-being and personality 

Soft skills are just as important as technical expertise in our teams. At Relout we ensure our experts are fully motivated, essentially prepared and ready to solve your problems and projects. We do that by carefully analyzing each of our team members talents and strengths to build teams based on their psychological profile to maximize team productivity and cooperation. In addition to that we focus heavily on wellbeing of each of our employees by providing them a wide range of social benefits and systematically organizing many team activities, integrations, team buildings and meetups.

Together with our passionate and experienced leaders we ensure all our contracts and projects are delivered on time, with respect to agreeded terms and with highest possible quality.

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