Working in Tandem

Our mission is to improve infrastructure management by solving problems together with your R&D department, contributing to your community and actively participating in your planning and design  meetings. We pay close attention to visibility of our work, providing you full access to infrastructure code and pipelines, documenting our steps and allowing your developers to participate and contribute to the process. This truly implements the DevOps culture and mindset – our goal is to deliver the best infrastructure for your product, and we know we cannot do it alone by creating operational silo on our team.  

Implementing Reliability 

Our customers range from small to medium sized businesss (SMB) but they also include large, international enterprises. We provide most of our value for the following customer groups:


Technological partnership and consulting for startups to accelerate launch and go-to-market by providing reliable platform, talented staff and expertise consulting.

Software Agencies

Strategic partnership for software houses to offer full experience for their customers - product development and onboarding on our infrastructure


Staff Augmentation & Managed infrastructure services for enterprise clients, with 24/7 support and 14 day money-back quality guarantee.

Cooperation models

We provide 3 basic models for cooperation, but we’re open to different types of engagement and consulting – from ad-hoc to long-term projects.

Consulting & Advisory

We provide audit, advisory, training and strategy consulting services. Relout team is willing to help with short-term and urgent queries and problems


Through stages of design, implementation, management and support we can help you accelerate your project delivery without your need to hire and onboard in-house teams

Save time and resources by focusing on your business. Let us take care of your Cloud or Kubernetes infrastructure, automate the processes and monitoring health and stability

Satisfaction or money return

We strongly believe we have the best talents on the market helping us to provide best-in-class services for our clients. We’re so confindent in our processes that we provide free 14-day money-back guarantee for our IT Staff Augmentation service together with 30-day contingency agreements.


14 day money-back guarantee

The money-back guaratee system proves that our staff is always competent and perfectly aligned with our client's business strategy. IT also eliminates the risk for our customers for potential bad cultural fits and increases trust in our interview and technical verification process.

30-day Contingency Agreement

Contingency Agreement ensures that regardless of business conditions, Relout will provide capable staff (within maximum of 30 days) to ensure business continuity of our clients and project on-time delivery.

Our testimonials

Team vs Body leasing

We believe that strength lies within a group, not individual. Therefore, we specialize in team extensions & dedicated teams outsourcing with competences suited to business needs. You don’t have to onboard and train each new expert individually. Our managers and leaders gather the requirements and ensure our engineers have constant flow of communication preventing Waterfall and enabling Agile methodology.

Technical trainings and team integration is on us. We ensure our experts are fully motivated, essentially prepared and ready to solve your problems and projects. We do that by carefully analyzing each of our team members talents and skills using Gallup StrengthsFinder and Myers-Briggs Personality Type tests and build teams based on their psychological profile to maximize teams productivity and cooperation.

Outsourcing vs Insourcing

We know outsourcing poses several challenges comparing to having teams locally, but it also provides noticeable benefits. Here you can find our definition of quality and reliability and how they remain key aspects of our cooperation


Cooperation pipeline 

Below is a sample project assessment and flow for communication between our teams and your R&D department to visualize our cooperation. Although we believe in standardization and automation, we are fully aware each project and customer is unique and remain flexible and open for any type of engagement or activity.
First contact

Reach out to us and explain briefly your project or service request. We will respond within 24h and schedule a video call to go over details.

Assesment & Planning

We sign NDA, followed by collection of business and technical requirements to propose strategy for cooperation.

Onboarding & Analysis

Acquiring access to your existing projects or onboarding from scratch. We scan and inventorize existing assets and setup dependencies for our automation frameworks

Implementation & Execution

Depending on your needs, we can provide short or long-term services or project-based activities.

Maintenance & Support

Once the project is complete we offer full maintenance, monitoring and enterprise support to our solutions

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