Strategic partnership & consulting

We work with clients around the globe in different time zones providing professional services to small, medium and large organizations. We are ready to assist in long and short-term activities and projects. Our model of cooperation assumes we assist you as a team (not body leasing), thus allowing us to handle projects and responsibilities of any size or complexity. Contact us and share your business need or problem, and we will engineer a solution.


Strategy consulting and cloud onboarding for startups, to accelerate their launch and go-to-market by providing reliable platforms and expertise consulting

Software Houses

Strategic partnership for software houses to offer full experience for their customers - product development + onboarding on managed infrastructure


Managed services and infrastructure for enterprise clients, with full maintenance and support

Infrastructure Audits

There are many ways through which we can improve reliability, performance and stability of your infrastructure. We provide audit services on existing infrastructure to search for:

We provide an extensive report from our audit along with a list of recommendations and remediation steps to follow. We can also help you solve the issues by providing automation services, cloud onboarding and redesign or kubernetes cluster refactoring and improvements. 

Cloud Transformation

Whether already on the cloud but need to modernize or still planning to migrate your services – we’re here to help.  We can advise and design migration and cut-over strategy from your local data centers and help you modernize your application to become more cloud-native

We can accelerate your migration while keeping initial launch costs under budget by architecting migration strategy,  performing usage analysis, right scaling your infrastructure, and providing maintenance and management services later

DevOps Methodology 

The company must undergo a transformation both on technical and mindset level in order to benefit from modern work and project management tools and strategies. We help and support both of those areas and transitions.  Through process refactoring and eliminating team silos we ensure communication and collaboration is efficient when it comes to using and consuming the infrastructure. 
We provide extensive consultancy, audit and training services in order to help your company transform into DevOps culture. Advising on team and organizational structures in addition to refactoring processes and tools allows us to accelerate your business delivery and efficiency significantly. 

Cost analysis & optimizations 

We offer cost reporting and monitoring services on our self-developed and managed infrastructure or in your existing environment. We can analyze your existing infrastructure and look for potential cost improvements and optimizations, by performing the following

Inventory scan and analysis

We help you build a full and complete map of your infrastructure and present reports on current and predicted usage along with recommended list of remediation steps.

Rightsizing and optimizing 
Searching for duplicate, leftover and oversized resources – by simple yet detailed and throughout housekeeping and improving cloud hygiene we often deliver fine and quick cost savings.
Configuration audit

Proactive verification of your setup means verifying limits, autoscaling rules and configuration in general. This allows us to prevent sudden spikes in the future, in case your business flow or traffic changes and starts consuming resources in uncontrollable way. 

Our strategy largely depends on used solutions, providers and product patterns and specifics. Let us know about your project, and we will engineer the best approach for cost optimizations in your business

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