Managed Cloud Services 

We provide a full range of services when it comes to managing public cloud infrastructure. Our experience in managing complex and large-scale systems implemented with respect to DevOps methodology and SRE guidelines will allow your business to fully rely on your infrastructure.


MultiCloud and Cloud Agnostic

We provide support and management for main and key players on the public cloud market – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure Cloud and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). While designing we ensure you are not locked-in with a vendor of your choice by proposing a cloud-agnostic solutions and if applicable – multicloud strategies to take what’s best from each of the providers.


Infrastructure as a Service

You can offload your public cloud management and all of its compute and storage services to our team. We will design, deploy, manage and monitor it for you and prepare it to efficiently run your business applications. We pay close attention to your needs and consult all changes to make sure your infrastructure runs at lowest cost possible and is fully reliable and scalable to match your product requirements. 

We deploy and onboard in cloud new projects or take over existing and running infrastructures and continue on improving them. Once we gather business requirements and expectations we propose strategy and next steps from architectural, implementation or maintanance standpoints 

Deploying via Automation

We utilize industry standard frameworks like Terraform or Saltstack to minimize time-to-market with our deployments and ensure your infrastructure operates fully automatically and is properly standardized. This allows full control of differences between your landscapes in your deployment pipelines and also provides auto-updating documentation of your environments

We provide development support in defining your AWS, Azure or GCP, either from scratch or by improving your existing code stack. Similarly, on platform layer - we develop Saltstack and Ansible modules for Linux and Windows service orchestration and configuration

We have an extensive library of ready to use code and modules – you can rely on us when it comes to automating infrastructure components.


Manage & Operate

Whether we deploy infra for you from base level or take over your existing infrastructure – we continue to monitor, manage and operate it in all aspects. Implementing patches, modernizing existing components and refactoring legacy ones. Always keeping your infrastructure up-to-date with industry standards and changing demands of outside world. 

We take long term responsiblity on maintaining your systems and ensuring it operates reliably and efficiently at all times


Architect & Design

Designing an optimal and efficient infrastructure layout for your product is core of our services. During the analysis and planning phase of our cooperation we gather key metrics and details to ensure the final product is tailored to suit your needs in short and long term. Public Cloud providers offer a wide range of services and choosing the right one is often a challenge and significantly affects later infrastructure costs

We help you design and architect the best infrastructure for your product by choosing the most suiting and tailored technologies, tools and products to your needs

Well architected Index

Optimizing the cloud to the max – that’s our target. With our in-house developed Well Architected Index (WAI) based on industry standard practices and white papers from companies like Google, Gruntwork or HashiCorp we ensure your architecture is operationally excellent, reliable, secure and cost-efficient. We build those values on top of these Well-Architected pillars:

Cost Optimization

Public Cloud is often surprising to non-experienced engineers when it comes to cost management. We pay very close attention to this aspect on every stage of our cooperation:

Design and planning

Compare different solutions by their costs and capabilities – both visible upfront and “hidden” and unexpected by relying on our long practical experience

Implementation and deploy

Ensure no unnecessary costs are spent by shutting down or destroying the components when not needed

Maintenance and support 

Implement tools and solutions that help you reduce and monitor costs like prepaying, adjusting limits or rightsizing

We offer cost reporting and monitoring services  through which we analyze your existing infrastructure and look for cost improvements and optimizations

Cloud Migration & Transformation

Whether already on the cloud but need to modernize or still planning to migrate your services – we’re here to help.  We can advise and design migration and cut-over strategy from your local data centers and help you modernize your application to become more cloud-native

We can accelerate your migration including data transfer while keeping initial launch costs under budget by performing usage analysis and right-scaling the infrastructure. Furthermore, we can architect best approach, deploy and scale your infrastructure, and provide maintenance and management services later. 

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